ATU Local 1505 Winnipeg

Letter of Public Support

Dear ATU 1505 Winnipeg,


I would like to express my continued support for ATU 1505 during Transit negotiations. I continue to see an intelligent and respectful approach by ATU 1505. I also see incredible respect for passengers by Winnipeg Transit Bus Operators during what is likely a challenging time.


I am very disappointed that the City of Winnipeg and Mayor's Office appear to have a different approach which strongly appears in my assessment to be one of aggression, intimidation and disrespect. The actions and words by the City of Winnipeg and Mayor's Office do not indication a respectful workplace. I wonder if these City representatives have actually taken the time to ride a Transit Bus and observe the outstanding way in with Winnipeg Transit Bus Operators perform their jobs. There is a tremendous amount of skill and customer service and commitment required by Winnipeg Transit Bus Operators to do the job they do. This all while doing so in a challenging work environment.


The work of all ATU members and employees needs to be recognized. The hard work of the maintenance and supporting ATU members needs to be recognized also.


Winnipeg Transit Bus Operators have the right to a respectful and safe work environment. They have the right to refuse unsafe work.


I found it most interesting to read the City of Winnipeg's own Human Resource Strategic Plan which states: The City's Human Resource Strategic Plan, approved by council in July 2001 clearly articulates the requirement for a "positive, respectful, safe and healthy work environment" to support " the physical, psychological, and social well being of employees."


It should be noted in my opinion that treating employees with Respect does not cost anything. Giving workers compliments does not cost anything either. A safe respectful workplace increases employee engagement and commitment and means less staff turnover and happier customers also. Providing a safe workplace for Winnipeg Transit Bus Operators and ATU 1505 members means safer Transit passengers also.


Myself and other passengers care very much about the Transit Bus Operators who get us safely to and from our destination every day. They deserve to be kept safe too. And ATU 1505 deserves a contract which ensures safety, respect and a commitment to a positive workplace and wages reflective of the valuable work they do. Also, there needs to be a commitment by the City of Winnipeg to recognize, acknowledge and responsibly work with ATU 1505 in future in a much more positive manner.


As a Winnipeg Transit passenger I would say that it is important also for ATU 1505 to continue to educate the public on the working conditions and challenges that ATU 1505 and its members currently face. Creating a greater understanding can I believe continue to create positive change with increased public support.


While I understand ATU may not be able to respond specifically to my comments due to current negotiations I would like to express my continued support and best regards for a positive contract.


Thank you again for the valuable service of Winnipeg Bus Operators and ATU 1505. It is sincerely appreciated.




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