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ATU 1505 Deserves A Fair Deal, Call Your Councillor Today


ATU 1505 has been without a contract since January 2019 and the City of Winnipeg has recently moved to take away sections of the ATU collective agreement. The City continues to raise the threat of a lockout in an effort to try and scare ATU members and the public. Click here to learn how to you can contact the Mayor and Council and let them know that this hardball negotiation style isn't acceptable.

The ongoing focus of the ATU during these negotiations has been to improve the reliability of the transit schedule. We know that operators and the public suffers when they are assigned schedules that simply aren't realistic and have no chance of running on time. Additionally, the ATU wants to have a spot for members of the public on Transit's scheduling committee, to provide feedback from a riders perspective. Finally, ATU wants to see improved mental health supports and a dedicated counsellor for our members.

It is important for supporters of better transit and members of the public to let the members of City Council and the Mayor know that transit matters to you! We encourage you to write or call to members of council and the mayor and to talk about:

-How disruptive a lockout by the City of Winnipeg would be to transit riders, residents and businesses
-How improved schedules would make your life easier
-How poor transit service affects your daily life
-How the City should stop playing games and get back to the table
-Why public transit and worker's rights matter to you


Not sure who your City Councillor is? Find out here:


Not sure what to write? Here is a great letter from a supporter


Are you an organization or an individual that needs a hand writing a letter of support? Contact the ATU office at 204-943-5064 or 

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