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Thousands of members of the UM community use public transit-we depend on it to help the environment, and because parking is expensive and in short supply on the campus. We support the union demands for safe spaces and attainable schedules. Every transit operator, and every rider, deserves nothing less. Unattainable schedules create stress, hardship, and dangerous conditions for people inside the bus and on the road.


The transit union is exercising their collective bargaining rights to negotiate salaries, benefits, and working conditions. The city should engage in constructive, timely negotiations without resorting to punitive tactics. Your employees are entitled to that, and the users of public transit look forward to safe and reliable transportation in the hands of the hardworking, competent drivers of Winnipeg Transit.


Yesterday we've learned the Membership of the ATU has again rejected the City's proposals, and it's clear what they, and transit riders, need:‎ a City Council supportive of the basic needs of transit operators. Please listen to those workers and offer them a fair contract, to the benefit of us all.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Best wishes in your negotiations.



In solidarity,
Your sisters and brothers in UMFA.

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