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Precedant setting ruling from Court of Queen's Bench for City of Winnipeg and all affiliated Unions Read more >>>

Interim ATU 1505 Election Results (October 6th)

Interim Election Results

President Business Agent

Aleem Chaudhary      482
Khosrov Kharazi        222
Candace Tennant      171
Spoiled                       16

Executive Vice President

Armando Brambilla     286
Kim Donaldson           155
Everett Rudolph          437
Spoiled                        15


With all the recent attention on Transit service and the potential cuts. We've decided to release a brief Press statement.

Transit Management Report on Safety Measures

Here are the recommendations that came from the 90 day Transit Management Safety report submitted at the end of May.

We want to make sure the Employer is taking care of you!

If you're an employee with Winnipeg Transit and you've been injured while working we need to hear from you. If you've been injured at work and are unsure if you should put in a claim. Take a few minutes to send an email to explaining what happened to you.

After lifting the Voluntary Overtime Ban that was imposed on the ATU membership.  Transit service will take several weeks to get back to normal.  It will take a lot of Overtime to get the fleet back to where it was before the ban.  We would prefer for Transit to be able to hire more employees. Read more >>>

Winnipeg Transit has been recognized by the Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative as the top transit agency in the country.


"The report singled out transit’s low operating cost per vehicle hour, which is 26 percent lower than the municipal average. Its operating revenue/cost ratio was also 30 percent higher than the average municipality."

Read more >>>

All employee's have the Right To Refuse unsafe work.  To exercise your Right To Refuse you must notify a person in charge and give them the opportunity to fix the problem.

ATU Local 1505 is expanding our ability to communicate with our members. We have introduced a text messaging system for those willing to sign-up

Identity Theft, this crime leaves people just like our members, retirees and family exposed to a horrendous personal financial situation that is extremely difficult to work through in clearing one’s good name. Read more >>>

On Labour Day afternoon.  Along side other Unions and the Winnipeg Labour Council.  20 members of ATU Local 1505 partipated in the 2nd Annual Labour Day celebration.  Giving recognition to the Labour movement and what it has done for everyone. Read more >>>

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