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 Rest in Peace Brother Ted Read more >>>

 A joint campaign to promote the use of masks on public transit as full service resumed on August 4, 2020 Read more >>>

 ATU1505 stands unites with USW 9074 members Read more >>>

ATU Canada President John Di Nino issued the following statement, regarding the ongoing acts of police brutality and anti-black racism in the United States and Canada: Read more >>>

Federal Funding For Public Transit Now!

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 Winnipeg- The Amalgamated Transit Union 1505 is calling for reforms to Winnipeg Transit’s budgetary policy after media reports revealed that Finance Chair Scott Gillingham was unaware where surpluses from Winnipeg Transit were being allocated. The ATU is questioning the need for yearly surpluses, when Winnipeg Transit is already at a breaking point, with an increasing number of buses leaving passengers out in the cold while the on-time performance for the system continues to suffer.


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We have sent the message below to Mayor Bowman and all city Councillors:

I am president of the University of Manitoba Faculty Association, and am writing you to ask that the City continue negotiations with the bargaining team of ATU 1505 and agree to their latest proposal.

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 Aug 20, 2019


The Canadian Federation of Students - Manitoba would like to express our continued support for the ATU 1505 during transit negotiations. We urge the city of Winnipeg to bargain in good faith with the ATU 1505 who provide a fundamental public service relied upon by thousands of Manitobans studying in Winnipeg every day.

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We receive letters of support from time to time. Here is one from a cherished rider of ours Read more >>>

Atu Local 1505 Winnipeg members have voted on the most recent contract offer from the City and the results are;


1224 members voted out of 1460 (84% of eligible members) 


85 voted yes
1133 voted no

6 spoiled votes


92.6% voted No to the City's 3rd offer.


We have in turn submitted a counter offer with lower wages than the City so riders and operators can have a more reliable bus scheduling system.

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Winnipeg - Members of the Amalgamated Transit Union 1505 have overwhelmingly voted no to the City of Winnipeg’s 2nd contract offer with 96.59% of the membership voting against the City’s offer. The 2nd offer was presented to the ATU on May 17th, and came after the ATU engaged in legal job action. While the rejection of the contract does provide a strike mandate and strike sanctions for ATU members, the ATU will be reaching out to the City to resume bargaining at the earliest opportunity.

Response to City Bringing Negotiations Into The Public March 28th/19

"It is unfortunate that the City of Winnipeg feels the need to bring negotiations between the City and the ATU 1505 into the public for the second time in four years. If the City of Winnipeg felt that they had made a fair offer to our membership, than we sincerely doubt that they would be releasing public statements regarding the proposal to the media and general public.


On March 21st, we received the offer from the City of Winnipeg bargaining team. Per mutual agreement at that meeting, we are bringing that offer to our members over the coming days. We were hopeful that the City of Winnipeg would bargain in good faith and allow us to take their proposal to our members, but it would appear that they are not interested in engaging in a collaborative process. The City is also incorrect in stating that a rejection of the contract vote would equate to a strike vote and any strike action would be authorized by the ATU 1505 membership in a separate vote.


We encourage the City of Winnipeg to follow the advice of Mayor Brian Bowman, by not negotiating in the media and waiting for the results of the vote by our membership and returning to the negotiating table at that time."


The ATU 1505 will not be making any further public comments on the state of negotiations until after the vote by our membership.


Cbc Article

Precedant setting ruling from Court of Queen's Bench for City of Winnipeg and all affiliated Unions Read more >>>

With all the recent attention on Transit service and the potential cuts. We've decided to release a brief Press statement.

Transit Management Report on Safety Measures

Here are the recommendations that came from the 90 day Transit Management Safety report submitted at the end of May.

We want to make sure the Employer is taking care of you!

If you're an employee with Winnipeg Transit and you've been injured while working we need to hear from you. If you've been injured at work and are unsure if you should put in a claim. Take a few minutes to send an email to explaining what happened to you.

After lifting the Voluntary Overtime Ban that was imposed on the ATU membership.  Transit service will take several weeks to get back to normal.  It will take a lot of Overtime to get the fleet back to where it was before the ban.  We would prefer for Transit to be able to hire more employees. Read more >>>

Winnipeg Transit has been recognized by the Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative as the top transit agency in the country.


"The report singled out transit’s low operating cost per vehicle hour, which is 26 percent lower than the municipal average. Its operating revenue/cost ratio was also 30 percent higher than the average municipality."

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All employee's have the Right To Refuse unsafe work.  To exercise your Right To Refuse you must notify a person in charge and give them the opportunity to fix the problem.

ATU Local 1505 is expanding our ability to communicate with our members. We have introduced a text messaging system for those willing to sign-up

Identity Theft, this crime leaves people just like our members, retirees and family exposed to a horrendous personal financial situation that is extremely difficult to work through in clearing one’s good name. Read more >>>

On Labour Day afternoon.  Along side other Unions and the Winnipeg Labour Council.  20 members of ATU Local 1505 partipated in the 2nd Annual Labour Day celebration.  Giving recognition to the Labour movement and what it has done for everyone. Read more >>>

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