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Pension and Benefit Information

The Winnipeg Civic Employees' Benefits Program is proud to introduce a Pension Estimator for its members and future beneficiaries.  Try it and see how small changes throughout your career can change things.


                             Click here to go to the Pension Estimator

As of January 1st, 2017, ATU Local 1505 member's Benefit coverage will be handled through Manulife.  You should have received a package in the mail and that package contained how to access your benefit information on the Manulife website. Read more >>>

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is operated by the federal and provincial governments, so why would a human resources or benefits professional need to explain them to employees?


Seasoned HR professionals know many employees seek them out for information on more than just their own company’s policies and benefits. The CPP, although government-operated, is actually an employee benefit for retired and disabled workers. The employer and employee each contribute 4.95% of the employee’s wages for this benefit.

Manitoba's pension record sets the bar for 2016 provincial election

Manitoba has some of the best Pension regulations across Canada.  The Winnipeg Civic Employees' Benefit Program ( is a perfect example.

Click here to go to the article done by Paul Moist, a Research Associate for Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Manitoba.


"The survey found that 88 percent of respondents support increasing the benefits Canadians receive through the Canada Pension Plan, with 52 per cent saying they strongly support such a move and 36 per cent saying they somewhat support the idea."

February 2015—A strong stock market and improved bond market resulted in another year of double-digit returns for The Winnipeg Civic Employees’ Benefits Program. Read more >>>

When the Money stops (Employement Insurance)


If you find yourself, or a loved one, in a situation where you're off sick.  WCB or MPI aren't covering you.  Sick day benefits are getting low.  And you're unsure whether you'll have enough days to see you to the end of your illness/recovery.  There are steps you should take and things you should know.

Here's a guide on how to access your Pension and Disibility Benefits

It's best to be prepared for the day you stop working.  Choices we made in life will affect  what we can do.  "Getting your ducks in a row" cliche seems fitting.  It's never too early to start planning for retirement, even if it seems years away. Read more >>>

The Winnipeg Civic Employees' Benefits Program has a Vision: To be considered by Plan members and industry peers as one of the best-managed pension plan organizations in Canada.

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