Did You Know?

ATU 1505 has an Exit Interview Survey?

If  you are leaving Winnipeg Transit, you are strongly encouraged to participate in ATU’s Exit Interview Survey.  Your identity and responses will be kept confidential, but information gathered may be used to better improve working conditions at Winnipeg Transit and also ways that ATU can improve our representation of our members.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information from ATU members who are leaving Winnipeg

You Have the Right to Refuse Unsafe or Unhealthy Work?

Subject to The Workplace Heath and Safety Act Sections 43(1) to 43.3(2), all workers in Manitoba have the right to refuse unsafe or unhealthy work – that includes ATU 1505 members! 

You Have the Right to Union Representation? 

You have the right to have a Union Representative present during ANY meeting with your Supervisors, Managers, and/or Employers.  

Even if the meeting has already started and is in progress, you can stop the meeting at ANY TIME to defer the discussion until your Union Representative is present.  Not sure how to do that?  You can state your