January 23, 2023 - Did you know...

About ATU Withdrawal Cards?

Subject to sections 21, 31, and 32 of the Amalgamated Transit Union Constitution and General Laws (2019):

Withdrawal cards are issued to:

  • Members in good standing who are leaving the occupation
    • Your withdrawal card is good for 12 months from the withdrawal date on the card (p. 141).

    • If, after you left an ATU-covered place of employment, and get a job in another ATU-covered place of employment in the 12 month period from the withdrawal date on the card, you can submit your withdrawal card to the Local Union as an application for membership (pp. 140-141).

    • Upon acceptance of the Local Union, your membership would be updated & placed in good standing. After 12 months, your application would be reviewed for eligibility & you would have to pay the initiation fee if membership is accepted (pp. 140-141).

  • Members who are leaving employment in an ATU jurisdiction and entering employment in another ATU jurisdiction
    • If you are transferring between ATU Local Unions, your withdrawal card will transfer and restore your previous status an the prior ATU Local Union as a pensioned member to the new ATU Local Union – But you must submit your withdrawal card within 30 days of entering the service of an employer where there is an ATU Union, or the card is annulled (pp. 140-142).

  • Members who are constitutionally required to withdraw due to promotion
    • If you are promoted to a position that falls outside of the bargaining unit, it is up to your Local Union if you may retain your ATU membership (pp. 96-97).

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