Transit in the News

December 5, 2023: Free Press: Transit workers vote on new deal as strike date looms.

December 5, 2023: The Manitoban: Winnipeg Transit sets Dec. 11 strike deadline.

December 4, 2023: CTV News: Transit Union lifts overtime ban pending upcoming vote.

December 4, 2023: Global News: Winnipeg Transit, operators one step closer to resolving upcoming strike.

November 30, 2023: City News: Transit Plus riders say they are being left stranded, advocates calling for change in service.

November 30, 2023: Free Press: Decent pay, big expectations: search for safety officers begins

November 28, 2023: CTV News: Construction making bus stops inaccessible for those with disabilities.

November 28, 2023: Free Press: Winnipeg Transit workers set strike deadline.

November 28, 2023: City News: Transit riders to expect delays as WTS begins job action

November 28, 2023: CBC News: Winnipeg Transit workers' union sets Dec. 11 strike deadline as bus operators begin to refuse overtime.

November 27, 2023: CTV News: Winnipeg bus riders left out in the cold by Transit job action

November 27, 2023: Winnipeg Free Press: Winnipeg Transit warns of delays, cancellations amid contract negotiations Sunday. 

November 27, 2023: CTV News: Potential service disruptions coming to Winnipeg Transit. 

November 26, 2023: Winnipeg Sun: Bus disruptions possible Monday after Transit workers reject City offer.  

November 26, 2023: Winnipeg Free Press: Winnipeg Transit warns of delays, cancellations amid contract negotiations Sunday. 

November 24, 2023: CBC News: City of Winnipeg warns of possible delays Monday as union representing transit workers steps up job action.  

November 24, 2023: Global News: Transit workers to refuse voluntary OT potentially impacting service. 

November 24, 2023: Winnipeg Free Press: Winnipeg Transit warns of delays, cancellations amid contract negotiations Sunday. 

November 23, 2023: Global News: 'An endless loop': For Winnipeg commuters, transit safety is a big concern

November 23, 2023: CJOB: Audio Vault - Select November 23, 2023 10AM and transit reporting starts about 4 Minutes and 50 seconds into podcast.

November 21, 2023: CBC: Winnipeg transit accelrates plan for network overhaul

November 21, 2023 - Free Press: Share your thoughts on Winnipeg Transit

November 21, 2023 - CBC News: Winnipeg familyt gives up on car-free lifestyle after struggles with public transit

November 21, 2023 - City News: Transit Union says crisis training for bus operators lacking in Winnipeg

November 21, 2023 - Free Press: Retirement numbers loom large on Transit horizon

November 20, 2023 - UofM: CityNews Winnipeg: Over 40 per cent of Winnipeg transit staff could retire over the next 5 years

November 20, 2023 - Winnipeg Sun: City to test shatterproof glass in bus shelters amid rise in vandalism.

November 20, 2023 - CTV News: Winnipeg Transit looking at shatter proof glass to limit bus shelter vandalism.

November 20, 2023 - CBC News: Winnipeg to test shatterproof glass in bus shelters amid rise in vandalism.

November 17, 2023 - City News: What the numbers are saying about Winnipeg transit staffing problem

November 17, 2023 - CTV News: Nearly half of Winnipeg Transit staff eligible for retirment in five years: report

November 15, 2023 - Free Press: Transit accelerates drive for 'full network transformation'

November 10, 2023 - Radio-Canada: Abribus: l'ampleur du vandalisme

November 9, 2023 - Free Press: City crews having trouble keeping up with repairs to vandalize bus shelters.

November 1, 2023 - Free Press: Fewer reports of homeless sleeping in bus shacks, but problem persists.

October 30, 2023 - Free Press: Majority of Winnipeg Transit workers reject contract proposal

October 29, 2023 - City News: Winnipeg transit union workers reject employer's proposed agreement.

October 25, 2023 - CityNews: New Hopes for Winnipeg Transit

October 25, 2023 - CityNews: Union representing transit workers hoping to end issues workers face.

October 24, 2023 - Free Press: Bus ridership rises to pre-pandemic heights.

October 19, 2023 - Free Press: Transit drivers fear 'huge increase' in assaults.

October 11, 2023 - Free Press: Transit workers stage information picket

October 11, 2023 - Global News: Winnipeg transit workers 'demontrated commitment and want fair treatment,' ATU business president says

October 10, 2023 - CTV News: Request to acknowledge Hindu holiday Diwali on buses spurs debate

October 10, 2023 - Free Press: Transit to explore cultural greetings on buses

September 25, 2023 - CBC: Former Winnipeg police officer to lead new transit security force

September 25, 2023 - Winnipeg Sun: Long-time police officer to head City's Community Safety Team, initial focus on Transit Safety

September 25, 2023 - Free Press: City selects WPS veteran officer to head transit security force

September 21, 2023 - Free Press: Winnipeg Mayor sends wish list to potential premiers

September 19, 2023 - CBC News: Union respresenting bus drivers, mechanics files labour complaint against West Vancouver

September 15, 2023 - CTV News: Decades behind other cities': Winnipeg Transit Master Plan proceeding slowly.

September 13, 2023 - CityNews: Bus service expansion hampered due to lack of transit staff

September 11, 2023 - CTV News: Growing Winnipeg Suburbs waiting for the bus, lack of bus drivers the cause: report

September 12, 2023 - CBC News: Students 'emotional', 'stressed' about Winnipeg transit Service to and from Sage Creek.

September 11, 2023 - Free Press: Transit driver shortage stalls routes expansion, revs up disruptions

September 8, 2023 - CBC News - Winnipeg Transit driver shortage hampering plans to expand service

September 8, 2023 - CBC News - Employee sent to hospital after explosion at Brandon public works buidling

September 8, 2023 - CTV News - On person taken to hospital after gas line explosion In Brandon

September 8, 2023 - Global News: Winnipeg cops arrest two in bus stabbing early Friday

August 18, 2023 - Free Press: San Francisco launches driverless bus service following robotaxi expansion.  

August 10, 2023 - National Post: Toronto transit riders can pay fares using debit and credit cards starting next week.

August 2, 2023 - Free Press: Staffing bump, online booking en route as Transit Plus riders wait

July 21, 2023 - City News: Winnipeg Transit, Transit Union say reported overdose death on bus didn’t happen

July 21, 2023 - Free Press: Transit security no long-term fix

July 12, 2023 - Free Press: De-escalation techniques key to incoming transit security: ex chief

July 12, 2023 - Free Press: Winnipeg top three in residential bus stop accessibility

July 12, 2023 - Free Press: On-the-job threats, lack of support, lasting damage

April 26, 2023 - Brandon Sun: Quiet reception for safety officer legislation

April 24, 2023 - CBC News: Person found dead at downtown Winnipeg bus shelter

April 24, 2023 - Free Press: Transit seeks to build hydrogen production site

April 24, 2023 - Free Press: New site for Transit garage elusive: city report

April 20, 2023 - Free Press: Some U.S. cities may offer model to ease Canada transit violence: experts

April 20, 2023 - City News: U.S. cities could provide solutions to Canada’s transit system

April 19, 2023 - Yahoo! News: A Winnipeg first: bus boards will help customers, says BIZ

April 15, 2023 - CTV National News: Transit attacks in Canada - CTV News Winnipeg

April 13, 2023 - The Free Press: List of recent violent attacks on public transit in Canada

April 12, 2023 - Global News: When are transit safety upgrades happening in Winnipeg?

April 12, 2023 - CBC: Trudeau asked to provide more money for sewage-treatment plant, transit during meeting with Winnipeg mayor

April 10, 2023 - The Free Press: City tilts eye to sun for potential Transit bus power

April 5, 2023 - The Free Press: Provincial public safety training committee seeks to set standard ‘right across the country’

April 5, 2023 - CTV News: Tackling transit and core crime – and its cause - CTV News Winnipeg

April 4, 2023 - The Free Press: This bus is fuelled by heart

March 22, 2023 - CTV: On-Request bus ride service seeing success

March 21, 2023 - The Free Press: Light rail transit out of Winnipeg’s reach: city official

March 15, 2023 - CTV: 'It changed their day': Winnipeg bus driver spreading smiles on the road

March 14, 2023 - The Winnipeg Sun: Manitoba bill would allow more peace officers in municipalities for transit and more

March 11, 2023 - CTV: Woman overdoses in City Hall bus shelter: Police

March 3, 2023 - Global News: Reaction to peace officers on buses

March 3, 2023 - CBC: Winnipeg's public works committee weighs study on $1 transit fare, funding for active transportation

March 2, 2023 - City News: Transit service needs to be prioritized to sustain it: transit researcher

March 2, 2023 - Global News: Winnipeg mayor calls for transit officers in first state of the city address

March 2, 2023 - CTV News: Transit peace officers, quarter-century plan for downtown: Mayor Gillingham delivers state of the city address

March 1, 2023 - CTV News: New addition to West End helping transit users 

February 28, 2023 - CTV News: Manitoba launches strategy to end homelessness that adds hundreds of housing units

February 27, 2023 - The Free Press: Transit union ad campaign puts soundtrack to top issues

February 24, 2023 - The Free Press: Province melts funding freeze, throwing fiscal lifeline to municipalities

February 24, 2023 - The Free Press: Winnipeg funding bump welcome but new model needed: mayor

February 22, 2023 - The Free Press: Woman followed off bus, stabbed

February 15, 2023 - CTV News: Kenora man arrested after 'random' machete attack on Winnipeg bus rider

February 15, 2023 - The Free Press: Judge sends man to prison, has message to public for ‘beyond the pale’ bus stop attack

February 14, 2023 - CTV News: Transit union marks six years since fatal stabbing of Winnipeg bus driver

February 13, 2023 - CTV News: 11 people hit with bear spray on bus, at store and at rec centre: Winnipeg police

February 12, 2023 - CTV News: Restoration of bus budget good start, but more needed: Functional Transit Winnipeg

February 10, 2023 - Winnipeg Sun: 'Random and unprovoked' machete attack in St. James sends man to hospital

February 9, 2023 - CBC News: $5 million for Winnipeg Transit security team a good start, union says, but devil is in the details

February 6, 2023 - CTV News: Man sentenced following 'savage' attack on Winnipeg bus

January 31, 2023 - Global News: Winnipeg transit safety plans

January 30, 2023 - Canada Today News: Man pleads guilty to near-fatal knife attack in 2021 aboard city bus

January 30, 2023 - The Free Press: Electrified transit is part of the solution

January 30, 2023 - The Free Press: City staffing crunch demands innovative solutions

January 27, 2023 - CTV News: Premier says more money for Winnipeg Transit coming in budget

January 26, 2023 - Global News: Canada's public transit systems facing crisis of violence.  What can be done? 

January 26, 2023 - Global News: Police investigate attempted abduction at Winnipeg bus stop

January 26, 2023 - CTV News: 'The public wants reassurance': ideas floated for Winnipeg transit safety

January 26, 2023 - CBC Radio: Information Radio - MB with Marcy Markusa - Jan. 26, 2023: Winnipeg local transit worker union supports calls for a National Transit Safety task Force

January 26, 2023 - CHVN: Two separate Winnipeg transit assaults result in arrests

January 25, 2023 - Winnipeg Sun: Police use taser to break up fight on bus

January 25, 2023 - Global News: 2 more violent assaults reported involving Winnipeg transit: police

January 24, 2023 - CTV News: 'I don't feel comfortable': Girl viciously attacked in latest incident affecting Winnipeg Transit users

January 23, 2023 - The Free Press: Co-accused in bus attack assaulted Mountie in 2021

January 23, 2023 - Global News: Winnipeg to implement 'transit safety team' in response to assault on father, 10-year-old son

January 23, 2023 - The Free Press: City, union eye Transit driver shield extensions

January 23, 2023 - Global News: Brutal assault on father, son sparks another conversation around transit safety

January 20, 2023 - CBC News: Father, 10-year-old son randomly assaulted on Winnipeg bus, police say

January 19, 2023 - Chris D: Man Charged After Indecent Acts on Winnipeg Buses

January 19, 2023 - The Free Press: Staff shortages plague city services

January 17, 2023 - New Flyer: Winnipeg starts massive zero-emission transit transition with order for 16 New Flyer buses shelters

January 16, 2023 - The Free Press: School project puts warmth into bus wait

January 16, 2023 - The Winnipeg Sun: TOXIC SUPPLY: Advocate renews call for safe drug supply after two women almost overdose from deadly drug

January 12, 2023 - The Free Press: Woman fears for life during incident on Winnipeg bus

January 11, 2023 - The Free Press: Manitoba defends loan to bus maker New Flyer after layoffs

January 11, 2023 - Global News: New Flyer layoffs

January 11, 2023 - CTV News: 'I thought I was going to die': Woman wants changes to transit security after being threatened

January 10, 2023 - CBC News: Manitoba told of New Flyer layoffs after announcing $50M loan to parent company

January 10, 2023 - The Winnipeg Sun: Overdose has police sounding alarm over deadly street drug

January 10, 2023 - The Conversation:  Funding electric public transit can reduce emissions and address economic inequality

January 6, 2023 - CBC News: Financial outlook for Winnipeg worsens as snow clearing, COVID-19 continue to hammer budget

January 6, 2023 - Global News: Knives, bear spray seized from man caught smoking on Winnipeg Transit bus

January 6, 2023 - CTV News: Nearly $70 million deficit projected for Winnipeg’s operating budget

January 4, 2023  - The Free Press: Challenges, obstacles face Winnipeg Transit in 2023

January 4, 2023 - Canadian Manufacturing: NFI receives new contract for up to 166 zero-emission buses from Manitoba’s Winnipeg Transit

January 4, 2023 - Mass Transit: Winnipeg Transit expands WINNpass program

January 3, 2023 - The Free Press: Bus attack prompts offer to raise cash for car

January 3, 2023 - The Winnipeg Sun: New Transit union prez plans to continue fight for improved bus safety

January 3, 2023 - CTV News: City councillor wants city to explore light rail possibility down Main Street

January 3, 2023 - City News: New president representing Winnipeg Transit workers

January 2, 2023 - The Free Press: New Transit union head to push for more safety measures

January 2, 2023 - CTV News: 'A lot of challenges ahead': The new president of Winnipeg's transit union

January 2, 2023 - Global News: Winnipeg Transit fares increase by 5 cents for 2023

January 2, 2023 - CBC News: Shakeup in Winnipeg Transit union leadership might signal tough contract negotiations ahead

December 31, 2022 - CTV News: Increased ridership will fix transit safety issues: Transit advocate

December 30, 2022 - Manitoba Post: Machete Assault On Winnipeg Transit Bus

December 28, 2022 - The Free Press:  Landscaper fights off man armed with machete on transit bus

December 28, 2022 - Province of Manitoba: Manitoba Government Committs up to $34.1 Million for Municipal Public Transit Systems

December 28, 2022 - CBC News: Manitoba pledges $13M to help struggling transit systems in 5 cities

December 23, 2022 - CBC News: Winnipeg bus manufacturer NFI secures $250M government loan package to manage supply-chain chaos

December 23, 2022 - Canada Today: ‘We’re Going Nowhere’: $50M provincial loan to help New Flyer with supply chain issues

December 23, 2022 - The Free Press: Province lends $50M to Winnipeg bus manufacturer stalled by supply-chain issues

December 23, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: City raising bus fares, expanding WINNpass in 2023

December 19, 2022 - Global News: Winnipeg bus shelters cost nearly $700K over 15 months

December 19, 2022 - Canada Today: Transit turbulence frustrates bus drivers

December 12, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: Winnipeg Transit expecting $17M shortfall

December 9, 2022 - Canada Today: “Maybe Kayla will make a difference” – Winnipeg Free Press

December 7, 2022 - The Free Press: City sets up temporary shelter after death in bus shack

December 7, 2022 - The Free Press: Safety concerns fuel Transit’s driver shortage

December 7, 2022 - CBC News: Woman found unresponsive under pile of blankets in Winnipeg bus shelter

December 4, 2022 - CityNews: Rise in assaults on Winnipeg Transit making it difficult to retain, recruit bus drivers: union

December 3, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: Safety concerns, morale need addressing to get more bus drivers: Union

December 2, 2022 - CTV: Winnipeg Transit service reduced as city struggles to recruit dozens of drivers to fill vacancies

December 1, 2022 - CBC News: Safety concerns present challenge to filling Winnipeg Transit vacancies, say councillor, union

December 1, 2022 - The Free Press: Driver shortage roadblock to restoring pre-pandemic service, transit director says

November 28, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: On-Request service, transit safety on the agenda for public works committee

November 25, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: Union sounds alarm on safety - again - after Transit drivers assaulted on buses

November 25, 2022 - The Free Press: Man, woman arrested in separate transit driver, supervisor assaults

November 25, 2022 - CBC News: 2 drivers, supervisor assaulted in multiple Winnipeg Transit incidents: police

November 25, 2022 - Global News: Spitting, yelling, throwing syringes: Two people arrested after Winnipeg Transit assaults

November 25, 2022 - The Free Press:  Transit rides ‘transformative’ change with first 16 electric buses

November 15, 2022 - Global News: Crash between Winnipeg Transit bus, box truck closes downtown intersection

November 10, 2022 - The Manitoban: Security Officers On Winnipeg Transit

November 10, 2022 - CBC: Man arrested after sexual assault at bus shelter on Southwest Transitway

November 10, 2022 - CTV: Man arrested in connection with sexual assault at rapid transit corridor

November 10, 2022 - Global News: Suspect in Winnipeg bus stop knifepoint robberies now charged in sexual assault

November 10, 2022 - The Free Press: Man charged in bus stop sex assault 

November 9, 2022 - CTV: How Winnipeg’s transit ridership has changed in recent years

November 9, 2022 - IG News: How Winnipeg Transit Ridership Numbers Have Changed Since the Pandemic IG News

November 9, 2022 - City News: Calls for immediate action on bus safety in Winnipeg

November 9, 2022 - Global News: Assaults, safety concerns lead to bus driver shortage, says Winnipeg transit union

November 9, 2022 - The Free Press: Gillingham takes bus to work, commits to addressing safety issues

November 9, 2022 - CTV: 'There is a crisis': Peace officers on transit buses discussed between Winnipeg mayor, justice minister

November 9, 2022 - CBC News: Winnipeg transit union pleads for help on 'safety crisis,' premier points to recent announcements

November 9, 2022 - Global News: Transit union sounds alarm on assaults, renews calls for increased security in Winnipeg

November 8, 2022 - The Free Press: Transit union sounds alarm on safety crisis

November 8, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: ‘CRISIS’: Winnipeg Transit union demands action following slew of violent incidents

November 7, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: Police seek 18-year-old in armed robberies at same bus stop

November 7, 2022 - CTV: Have you seen this man? Police search for suspect in two violent bus stop attacks

November 5, 2022 - CBC News: Winnipeg police looking for man after sexual assault at bus shelter on Southwest Transitway

October 24, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: STELTER: Improving transit ridership an uphill battle for next mayor

October 21, 2022 - The Free Press: Winnipeggers on board with transit improvements

October 17, 2022 - The Free Press:  Majority willing to pay for faster, more reliable transit: poll

October 12, 2022 - CBC News: Man arrested after woman groped on Winnipeg bus, elementary school student punched

October 3, 2022 - CTV News: Man charged following alleged sexual assaults on Winnipeg buses

September 23, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: Transit union calls for increased bus security after sexual assaults

September 22, 2022 - CityNews: Transit safety concerns resurface after string of attacks

September 20, 2022 - CBC News: Female passengers on several Winnipeg Transit buses report assaults by man: police

September 20, 2022 - The Free Press: Women warned about groper on city buses

September 19, 2022 - Pipa: ‘It’s not my city Winnipeg’: drug use fuels frustration, bus huts live 

September 15, 2022 - The Free Press: City issues RFP for first round of green buses

September 12, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: WINNIPEG VOTES: Murray wants to electrify, modernize Winnipeg Transit

September 12, 2022 - The Free Press: Mayoral candidate Murray pledges quicker turn to green Transit fleet

September 11, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun:  WINNIPEG VOTES: Union takes issues with Motkaluk campaign including prez's pic, quote

September 9, 2022 - The Free Press: Transit union endorses Murray for mayor

September 2, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun:  Brandon ends on-demand transit pilot project that failed to meet 'desired outcomes'

September 1, 2022 - The Free Press:  Premier, PM divided on carbon tax, together on immigration - Later, Stefanson said she raised concerns about cost overruns caused by inflation for projects under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. Major upgrades to the north end water treatment plant, Winnipeg Transit and other infrastructure projects are funded through the program.

September 1, 2022 -  The Winnipeg Sun:  Transit Plus to try vehicles for hire

August 31, 2022 - The Free Press:  Civil service, uncivilized road manners

August 29, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun:  Bokhari wants to bring supervised consumption sites to Winnipeg; Earlier in the campaign, fellow mayoral candidate Rick Shone also proposed the idea of safe injection sites — referred to by Health Canada as supervised consumption sites — as a wider strategy to keep Winnipeg Transit riders safe.

August 22, 2022 - Canadian Occupational Safety: Driver 'lunged' at police officer, report alleges (These incidents happened just days after two male Winnipeg Transit workers were assaulted on Saturday.)

August 22, 2022 - The Free Press:

August 18, 2022 - Canadian Occupational Safety: Two transit operators assaulted in Winnipeg

August 18, 2022 - The Free Press: Murray unveils extensive plan to increase safety on city buses

August 18, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: Murray adds voice to chorus calling for stronger safety measures for Winnipeg Transit

August 18, 2022 - CBC: Mayoral candidate Ouellette pitches tax for surface lots that would require change to provincial law (Rival Glen Murray outlined transit safety plan on Thursday)

August 17, 2022 - Global News: Concerns over bus driver safety in Winnipeg | Watch News Videos Online

August 16, 2022 - CTV News: Two transit workers assaulted - CTV News Winnipeg

August 16, 2022 - Transit union calls on City to do more after 2 operators assaulted

August 16, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: Transit union calls on City to do more after 2 operators assaulted

August 15, 2022 - City News: Pair of Winnipeg Transit employees assaulted over the weekend

August 14, 2022 - CTV News: Police looking for suspects after two injured in unrelated Saturday morning incidents

August 14, 2022 - CBC News: Winnipeg Transit drivers assaulted near bus garage: police

August 12, 2022 - CTV News: Transit App

August 8, 2022 - The Free Press: Light rail transit pushed back into city conversation

August 6, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: Poilievre brings leadership campaign tour to Winnipeg - With Winnipeg Police reporting a spike in violent crime in 2021 and issues of assaults on Winnipeg Transit buses dominating the headlines, Poilievre says the way to address gun crimes would be to stop the smuggling of handguns into Canada.

August 5, 2022 - The Free Press: Bumpy ride awaits Transit’s stroller policy

August 5, 2022 - CTV News: Union calling for safer transit following violent incidents on Winnipeg buses

August 5, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: Winnipeg Transit driver in Southdale assaulted while workers rallied outside city hall

August 4, 2022 - The Winnipeg Sun: Winnipeg Transit workers hold rally calling for better protections

August 4, 2022 - CBC News: Winnipeg Transit drivers rally to make safety on buses election priority

August 4, 2022 - The Free Press: Rally sounds alarm on bus safety issues

August 1, 2022 - CTV News: Man assaulted on Winnipeg Transit bus: Police

July 30, 2022 - The Free Press:  Transit drivers deserve a safe workplace

July 28, 2022 - The Free Press: Transit workers save woman from attacker

July 27, 2022 - CTV News: Strollers must soon fold and stow to make room on buses for all riders, Winnipeg Transit says

July 25, 2022 - Global News: Winnipeg bus driver safely escapes via window from knife-wielding passenge

June 1, 2021 - CBC News: 'The bus was … hijacked': Woman grabs steering wheel of moving bus, threatens driver with syringe

May 25, 2020 - Global News: Winnipeg records 17th homicide after stabbing on bus, say police