ATU Local 1505 Responds to $539M Transit Funding Announcement

WINNIPEG -  ATU Local 1505 writes to Manitoba Premier, Heather Stefanson addressing the persistent deficit in operational and infrastructure funding after announcement of $539 funding.

In light of the July 7th, 2022 announcement of the $539 million funding towards Winnipeg Transit initiatives, which includes $280 million to purchase zero-emission buses, $200 million to replace the North End Garage, $17 million to upgrade radio and communication systems, $13 million to retrofit buses for wheelchairs, and $7 million to design downtown rapid-transit corridors, ATU Local 1505 recognizes and implores Premier Heather Stefanson to provide much-needed operational and infrastructure funding. 

Please see below and attached for the letter sent to Premier Stefanson and the response we received.  ATU Local 1505 looks forward to receiving the more detailed response as promised in Premier Stefanson's letter. 

The letter of response received from the Honourable Heather Stefanson, Premier of Manitoba:

News announcement links regarding funding: