Transit Driver Escapes Through Window: Better Shields Needed

WINNIPEG - On July 24, 2022 a passenger attempted to stab a Winnipeg Transit driver with a knife by reaching around the driver's shield.  ATU Local 1505 demands for extended shields to be installed for the safety of operators, riders, and the surrounding public. 

News articles for reference:

May 25, 2020. Winnipeg records 17th homicide after stabbing on bus, say police. 

June 1, 2021. 'The bus was … hijacked': Woman grabs steering wheel of moving bus, threatens driver with syringe.

July 25, 2022.  Winnipeg bus driver safely escapes via window from knife-wielding passenger.

July 25, 2022.  Transit union calls for better shields after stabbing attempt.

July 25, 2022. Woman arrested for attempting to stab bus driver: Winnipeg police.