On the evening of June 16th, 2022, the City of Winnipeg announced the removal of the mandated requirement for City employees, including Transit workers. 

ATU 1505 is pleased to introduce this year's Honoree: Tadeusz Pilozow in recognition of his dedication and accomplishments.  There will be two (2) $500.00 scholarships awarded.

ATU Local 1505 proudly supports the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' (CCPA) 2022 Alternative Municipal Budget (AMB). 

ATU Local 1505 proudly stands with the winners of the Winnipeg Labour Council & United Way Winnipeg’s 2021 Labour Volunteer & Service Awards, and the Art Coulter Labour Community Service Award; We were also honoured to receive a Certificate of Excellence from United Way Winnipeg & the Winnipeg Labour Council.

"United Way and Labour have been partners for more than 50 years...ensuring that workers and their families have access to social services in their community."

ATU 1505 is proud to congratulate the winners of the Transit Employee Community Fund April Donor Contest held on May 3rd, 2022.  Cash prizes went to Jaret (1st), Emily (2nd), and Trevor (3rd). 


The Transit Employee Community Fund (TECF) is an employee-driven fund administered by The Winnipeg Foundation that is used to help support community projects throughout Winnipeg.

Since 2019, the TECF has proudly made donations to the following organizations:

May 2-8 is National Mental health week. If you have time please consider attending some of the online events listed below. Help stop the stigma, let us learn Empathy through understanding the struggles someone who suffers from mental illness lives with everyday. If you, a family member, or coworker are struggling and would like further information do not hesitate to call, text, or email me i will help you any way I can or direct you to the people who can

James Van Gerwen

February 11, is National 211 Day. For 2022, United Way is celebrating our second year of 211
operating as a nation-wide service from coast to coast to coast, where dialing 2-1-1 will connect any Canadian
with the support, they need through free, confidential service 24/7 in over 150 languages.

OTTAWA––Bea Bruske, President of the Canadian Labour Congress, released the following statement today:

“Canada’s unions believe the right to protest is fundamental to our democracy. This is a right cherished by Canada’s labour movement and one we have fought for many times over many years.

“We respect the rights of all Canadians to hold their own views and express their own opinions. But what we are witnessing on the streets of Ottawa is no longer just a protest.